What is the ugly truth about Lightspeed Saber League? The ugly truth is it has never been a true league…. Until now. Now you can experience a 10-week ongoing tournament at the academy, where you can compete for rank and prestige. 1 hour of every session will be devoted to ranked competition. You do NOT have to be at every session to fully participate. You will be given a schedule of the days you’re assigned to fight (minimum 3). Regular round-robin competition will continue for 9 sessions, culminating in a finals bracket on the 10th session.

If you’re already a full-paying member then this is free. If you’re paying a discounted rate and not a student (ie you transferred over from a different base) then you’ll have to upgrade to the full membership to participate. If you’re not a member, you will pay for a $48 class-pass.

(Bear in mind that, while we are aiming to develop a professional reffing staff this year, it’s only only just the start of 2019, so that’s kinda sorta not ready yet. So we will ask for volunteers to help ref on the days you’re not fighting.)


  • Mixed gender, mixed weapon-classes (Rey, Ren, and Tano)

  • A- and B-leagues

    • A-league: for intermediate and advanced competitors.

    • B-league: for beginners, intermediates, and anyone preferring combat that is a little slower, a little more casual.


Lightspeed Saber Academy
Sundays, 8:30 PM
10 week duration
Start: 1/27/2019
End: 3/31/2019


Academy members: FREE! Go down to Registration.

Non-members: $48 (class-pass). Click the class-pass button below to pay for your entry. OR click here to become a full member!


Fill out the form below. Last day to register: 1/21/2019

A- or B-league? *
We reserve the right to shift your league if we feel you're not in the right place.
Blackout days
What days are you absolutely NOT AVAILABLE to fight? (Note: If you make it to the finals you MUST be available 3/31)