Rey I is our initiate-level dulon (self-practice sequence). It has 26 steps and contains everything you need to know as a beginner Lightspeed-saber fencer (plus a little extra, to give you some idea of where you’re going with this as you advance in knowledge and skill). You should know each movement by name and how to perform it.

Work on this on your own or join the academy for personal and group instruction.

LIST OF STEPS (footwork / bladework)

See the glossary for information on each movement.

1. Standard stance / Jedi Guard
2. Advance / Diving slash
3. Advance / Diving slash
4. Retreat / Shield-3
5. Retreat / Shield-4
6. Lunge / Straight cut
7. Recover / Shield-5
8. Fade / Diving sweep
9. Inside-pivot / Diving sweep
10. Slipcut
11. Advance / Lateral slash
12. Advance / Lateral slash
13. Advance / Low lateral slash
14. Advance / Low lateral slash
15. Power-advance / Overhead strike
16. Power-retreat / Pull (Sash guard)
17. Lunge / Low lateral cut
18. Recover/ High Deflector-3
19. Shield-7
20. Shield-8
21. Shield-6
22. Lunge / Flat sweep
23. Supinate skyhook
24. Pronate skyhook
25. Spin-hook
26. Standard stance / Forward guard


If you’d like your technique evaluated, film yourself from the side and the from the front, then provide us with the link(s). Please use a dedicated video platform if you can!

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