This section is written for simplicity. Always check the rules document for your upcoming competition.


SPRING 2019 MAJOR RULES UPDATE [provisional]

  • Clean contacts now only worth 2 points instead of 3.

  • Contact scores may be enhanced with an offensive or defensive +1 bonus but not both (for a maximum of 3 points per contact).

    • Offensive bonus: contact to the head (any part of the mask)

    • Defensive bonus: successful defensive blade action preceding or following the hit (to anywhere)

  • Contacts made as a result of a misparry are always reduced to 1 point (direct hits are scored normally)

  • True doubles are worth zero.

  • Typical match points and time limits changed:

    • Full length matches set to 10 points, 5 minutes maximum total time

    • Sparring matches set to 7 points, 4 minutes maximum total time


  • Ren-sabers now legal. See schematic restrictions below.

Note: Tano-sabers not currently legal in official competition

Note: Tano-sabers not currently legal in official competition


  • Self-contact rules added:

    • Brief and incidental self-contact is permissible and DOES NOT earn points for the opponent.

    • Prolonged and/or direct self-contact-- such as resting the blade on one's shoulder, holding the saber by the blade or half-swording-- is ruled as a self-kill and DOES earn points for the opponent.

  • Mass-to-length regulation added:

    • Saber hilts must weigh a minimum of 25 grams per inch of hilt length, batteries included.


  • Elbow or arm guards now required.

  • New rules sections added:

    • Etiquette (salutation)

    • Non-combativity

    • Slow-motion replay review

    • No-score actions

      • "Whipping" and "flicking" now classified as "No-score"

      • Leaving the box as a result of attack momentum now classified as "No-score"

  • "Assault" added as a disqualifiable violation


  • Dropping your saber now only worth 3 points.

FALL 2017

  • Disarmaments now only count as a result of blade action.



  • Fencing mask, lacrosse gloves, and arm or elbow guards required.

  • Gloves must have wrist closure and padding.


  • The first fencer to hit gets one point.

  • If the fencer hits without getting hit back, they get three points instead.

  • If the fencers hit simultaneously, they each get one point.

Target area

  • Every part of the fencer's body (EXCEPT THE GROIN) and their hilt is a valid target for scoring. This includes hands, fingers, feet, and the weapon emitter.

Illegal movements

  • No point-attacks (ie thrusts, point-in-line)

  • No physical contact

  • Striking with enough force to break, crack, dent, or kink your blade is a violation.