This section is written for simplicity. Always check the rules document for your upcoming competition.



  • Contacting the groin with a rising attack is now an automatic disqualification, regardless of gender and regardless of whether a groin protector was worn.
  • Uppercuts and rising attacks delivered from the elbow and/or shoulder, and traveling through the centerline of the body (ie between the legs, colinear with the spine, between the eyes), or crossing the centerline below the waist, are banned (earns one violation).


  • Elbow or arm guards now required.

  • New rules sections added:

    • Etiquette (salutation)
    • Non-combativity
    • Slow-motion replay review
    • No-score actions
      • "Whipping" and "flicking" now classified as "No-score"
      • Leaving the box as a result of attack momentum now classified as "No-score"
  • "Assault" added as a disqualifiable violation


  • Dropping your saber now only worth 3 points.

FALL 2017

  • Disarmaments now only count as a result of blade action.



  • Fencing mask, lacrosse gloves, and arm or elbow guards required.
  • Blades must be 3/4" OD. Maximum length: 36".
  • Maximum hilt length: 12.5".


  • The first fencer to hit gets one point.
  • If the fencer hits without getting hit back, they get three points instead.
  • If the fencers hit simultaneously, they each get one point.

Target area

  • Every part of the fencer's body and their hilt is a valid target for scoring, including hands, fingers, feet, and the weapon emitter.

Illegal movements

  • No point-attacks (ie thrusts, point-in-line)
  • No physical contact
  • Striking with enough force to break, crack, dent, or kink your blade is a violation.