This is a basic overview of the rules. For a comprehensive guide covering rules, regulations, tournament structure, etiquette, and best practices, download the guide.


Direct hits (worth up to 3 pts)

  • First contact: +1 pt

  • Clean or interception: +1 pt

  • Assault or defense bonus: +1 pt

Indirect hits

  • Always 1 pt

Other scoring situations

  • Simultaneous: 0 pts

  • Messy/ambiguous exchange: 0 pts

  • Out of bounds: 2 pts

  • Disarm: 2 pts

  • Priority override: 1 pt


  • Anywhere on the fencer’s body, including head, legs, fingers, toes, clothing or armor, and the hilt of their weapon.

  • Notable exception: groin.


  • No point-attacks (ie thrusts, point-in-line)

  • No Extended Point Positions

  • Incidental physical contact only

  • Attacking with enough force to break, crack, dent, or kink your blade is a violation.


  • Matchpoint 8: 2m45s

  • Matchpoint 10: 3m0s

  • Matchpoint 12: 3m15s


  • Fencing mask or equivalent

  • Lacrosse, hockey, or equivalent gloves

  • Arm and/or elbow guards