I’m pleased to announce the inclusion of Aiken Lightsaber Club into the Lightspeed Saber Network! There has been a dearth of light-based fencing action in South Carolina, so headmaster Tony Negron has decided to go all in, joining Lightspeed Saber League and also accepting the role as charter rep for The Saber Legion. I cannot speak for Saber Legion but I saw some of his action in the Lightspeed format in a video a few days ago, and I think the newly dubbed DRAGON’S DEN is in good claws.


The crew still needs to acquire some equipment but they have all the Lightspeed blades and adapters they’ll need for the time being. As I understand it, they’re already talking tournaments! Possibly even a combined TSL and LSL tournament. Could be very exciting! Seriously looking forward to meeting them in person (and sparring them) in the near future.

— Snow