As mentioned earlier, the league is going through some changes, as we often do at the end of the year, following completion of all major tournaments. We are committed to improving our gameplay to make it funner and fairer, and more rewarding of people’s skill and dedication.

Necessarily, this means that we need to relax our standards for what makes a Lightspeed-saber base. We all have the potential to help each other create the best light-based fencing the world has ever seen. And the more people we have experimenting, the better.

So, if you go to our Join the League page, you will find a new, updated form plus a few requirements, including the acceptance of our new mission statement, and acceptance of safety rules and gear. Note that this does not mention competition rules, meaning that, as long as you are following safe practices and following the spirit of our mission statement, then you have our support, and we will gladly include you here and help promote you.

To be a Lightspeed-saber base, you must:

  1. have a base or team name

  2. have the necessary gear

  3. agree to the mission statement

  4. follow the core safety rules

  5. have at least four regular members

  6. have a website or primary social media where people can learn about you

  7. meet for Lightspeed-saber on a semi-regular basis (about once a month at minimum)

  8. have at least four photos so we show you off on this site!

Please note that we are accepting of clubs, schools and businesses! We don’t require you to change your name. Many of you are invested in who you are, and we respect that.

So what are you waiting for? Join us! We’ll even help you get the equipment you need with an equipment package. Talk to us.