Even though spin moves are somewhat advanced, they are a good opportunity, even for beginners, to learn to use both their hands, and get used to the ambidexterity that is afforded in Lightspeed-saber.

AUXILIARY - 3 rounds warmup, 5 rounds workout

10x alternating spin-lunge
10x pushups
30, 60, 90 ft suicide


  1. Standard round (grip with your dominant hand at the top of the saber)
    1. Lunge w/flat cut
    2. Recover to Shield 5
    3. Fade to back-stance and sweep
    4. Begin rotation and throw one more flat cut
  2. Gather feet, turn around and change grip
  3. Opposite round (grip with your off-hand at the bottom of the saber)
    1. Repeat 1-1 through 1-4 using your off-hand.