Very excited about our upcoming SOLO beginner tournament! Expecting a really large turnout for this. Possibly our largest ever. It's thanks to TheKewer and reps from Art Crash, a cycling group in Los Angeles. $140 worth of prizes being given out, and we're all going to watch SOLO afterwards! No need to sign up. Just RSVP at the Facebook event.

We're including a free crash course in Lightspeed-saber fencing at 5:15 PM so come try it regardless of your skill or experience level. Plenty of equipment to borrow you're out of excuses. Just do it!

Cheviot Hills Tennis Center
2551 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, California 90064

Approximate schedule:
5:15 PM crash-course
6:00 PM tournament start
8:30 PM awards, prizes
9:00 PM group outing to see Solo!! (movie at 9:50 PM)

We'll be watching the movie at AMC Century City, digital. It's a good idea to buy your tickets ahead of time! We'll be packed around rows I, J, and K.

Schedule and divisions are subject to change.

(By the way, I know it says "beginner" but that's just to let people know it's geared toward initiates and padawans. There will be a separate division for knights.)