In Coruscant III we introduce several new footwork elements, including the A-step and a traverse. We also will do a beat-attack and a bolt-attack.


   Footwork          Bladework
1. ---                     High Deflector-3
2. Back-pivot       Diving sweep
3. ---                     Halo-beat
4. Outside trav     Pronate lateral cut
---Pommel grip-switch
5. A-step              Ring-sweep
6. A-step             Supinate diving sweep
7. Advance          Pronate diving sweep
8. Advance          Supinate diving sweep
9. Square             Lateral sweep
10. Bolt                Overhead strike

There are several advanced movements in sequence, potential cruxes being the A-step attacks, the beat-attack, and the bolt. Deliver the beat high then sweep at the mid-level. For the A-step, step the front foot back to the back foot, then step forward with the back foot.

At Movement 9, pivot into square and start to lean forward as you complete the sweep. Then bring the saber to overhead with both hands and take a big passing step forward. Strike to the top of the head.