Thank you for attending the first Lightspeed-saber Hangouts meeting. I hope to have these every 2-4 weeks, as needed. I will be working to make sure that you have what you need by the time we reconvene.

To summarize:

What is the goal of Lightspeed Saber League?

  • Our goal is to craft a kind of lightsaber fighting that is as realistic as possible, while preserving a sense of fun, competition, and safety.

  • Our mission statement adheres to the principles of a lightsaber as an unconventional and difficult weapon to wield. So while we are open to rules changes-- and are continually refining rules as you read this-- anything that turns the lightsaber into just another conventional weapon or discipline goes against our mission.

What is Lightspeed offering that other organizations aren't?

  • A format that allows for high speed and agility but still quite safe, without requiring months or years of training.

  • A format that can be practiced as a brutally efficient and realistic martial art at sparring meets, but also a stylish and spectacular sport at competitions.

  • A sleek design aesthetic based around the concepts of speed and flight, legally protected by our own trademark, with just enough homages to Star Wars to satisfy our nostalgia and nerd-dom.

  • We are business friendly, and believe strongly in mutual benefit.

Getting started

  • A small investment into loaner equipment is a crucial step. Luckily, Lightspeed is very affordable.

  • Holding a public "lightsaber" event is a great way to bring people in. Even if not all attendees are interested in fighting, you will find the few that you need to get started.

  • Lightspeed is very safe for newcomers. As long as they follow the rules, they can be put into a friendly match very quickly.

Moving forward

  • Consensus seems to be that starting a base requires some documentation that will provide a starting structure. A manual is in progress!

  • In the meantime, the website now features a "HOW TO" section containing information on safety gear, sabers, basic techniques, the current rules, and our mission statement.

  • We do have referee manuals, but at this time these are proprietary. We will release them for the public in the very near future.