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We’re still quite small but we have big ideas! You can use the map to find official and affiliated clubs and schools, and prospective clubs, schools, and individuals looking to get more involved in Lightspeed-saber fencing. Find people near you and start a training base together!

RED markers are official or affiliated schools or clubs. BLUE markers are individuals, clubs, or schools preparing to join the league. Add yourself to the map by clicking here, then join our Facebook group to let everyone know who you are and where you’re at. Make yourself known. Let’s do this together!


There are a lot of benefits to adopting the Lightspeed-saber format!

  1. The flexible, lightweight Lightspeed blade means faster and safer combat (when used correctly).

  2. Safer combat means less armor is required, which means lower costs, which means easier recruitment of new members.

  3. Access to discounts and sponsorships already acquired by Lightspeed Saber League.

  4. Clubs and businesses welcome. No need to change your name.

  5. A home organization that is heavily invested in your success.

  6. Inclusion in league social media, website, and YouTube channel.

  7. The opportunity to practice something truly unique and challenging.


You can put yourself on the map, but only official bases get the red marker and recognized on our site. Here’s what you need to do for official recognition.

  1. Understand and agree to the Lightspeed-saber mission statement.

  2. Possess all the necessary Lightspeed-saber safety equipment, including the Lightspeed blade.

  3. Adhere to all Lightspeed-saber safety rules.

  4. Have at least four regular members or students.

  5. Have a team name

  6. Hold meets, at least once a month (for Lightspeed specifically). NOTE: It is OKAY to be part of other leagues.

  7. Have a website or other social media presence such as a Facebook group.

  8. Have a set of at least five photos, at least one of which shows that you possess the necessary equipment (see title image).

  9. Optional: Team insignia


Please fill out the form below.

For example, the Los Angeles team is called Krait Base and they compete as the Krait Dragoons.
You should have a minimum of four.
Include yours as well. Short biographies are a plus, but not required.
Type of base
ie The Saber Legion, Ludosport, US Fencing Association, etc
Tell us what you want potential members to know about you. This information will be shared on our site. This does NOT need to be location/schedule information, as that will be covered elsewhere. Instead, take this opportunity to sell yourselves, and explain why people should join your base, and what your team is like.
Where do you meet?
Where do you meet?
What day(s) and time(s) do you have sessions, and how frequently?
This should be the main place where people can learn about you. A Facebook group or similar is acceptable.
List all social media links you would like to share.
If you have them ready, please submit a link to your photos, at least one of which shows the group equipped with the necessary gear (see the title photo). You can also email the photos to if you prefer.