As of March 2018, there are four officially recognized bases in the Lightspeed network, with more in development as you read this. We're relatively small now, but keep checking the map below to see how far we've spread!

Every base in the network devotes at least one session in its schedule (or all, as is usually the case) to the Lightspeed format. 

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Few bases start from scratch. Of the four current bases, three were transformed from other clubs, or were added on as a feature to an existing club. And that's one of the best things about us: you don't have to change your culture or practices, or even your name. You just need to consistently express and support the Lightspeed format on a regular interval, ie one session a week.


  1. Make sure that you understand the equipment requirements and the competition rules, even if you don't plan to run a competitive team.
  2. Join up with us on Facebook, where you can learn Lightspeed-saber fencing techniques, strategies for forming and running a successful base, and get connected with other prospective bases.
  3. Fill out this form, so we can better understand who you are, what your goals are, and how we can help you get setup and grow. We'll be in touch.
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Please briefly describe the current rules under which you fight/fence.
Please describe the kinds of equipment your club currently uses ie safety gear, sabers, blade weights, etc.
How often do you meet and how many attendees do you have on average?
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