While not all “styles” are equally effective in Lightspeed-saber, they are extremely varied and versatile.

Lightspeed-sabers are anywhere from 48” long to just 40”. Some of them weigh just around a pound and a half, and some of them weigh almost three times as much. Some are best used two-handed, and some can only be held with one. All of these traits affect how the weapon is used, and can either hinder or enhance your style. Use this guide to help you make the right choices for your first saber, and your first foray into Lightspeed-saber fencing.


Best suited for: beginners, generalists, everyone

This is the quintessential weapon in Lightspeed-saber, as it embodies Lightspeed’s virtues of versatility and flexibility. It is lightweight for one-handed use but still long enough to use well in two hands, allowing practitioners to make effective use of grip-passing.

Although this is the form adopted by beginners, this weapon has the distinction of having the largest moveset of all classes, because of its middle-of-the-road versatility. So be careful of a master Rey-class wielder— you never know what moves they might pull up.



Best suited for: kendoka, counterstrikers

The long Rey-class hilt is close to 12.5” long and, like all Rey-class hilts, can equip a 36” blade. Significantly bulkier and slower than a medium hilt, long hilts are ideal for two-handed use, affording incredible deflecting power and long reach for pommel-grippers. Kendoka will feel at home with this saber.



Best suited for: FENCERS, ESKRIMADORS, kids

The short Rey-class hilt is around 9.5” long and, like all Rey-class hilts, can equip a 36” blade. These hilts are typically inexpensive but light and fast and one-handed, making them familiar to traditional fencers and stick-fighters.


Zen Usurper


Best suited for: eskrimadors, sabreurs

These are among the fastest hilts possible in Lightspeed, but can only accomodate one grip. What they lack in versatility they make up for with high blade agility and, in the right hands, high defensive capability.

Having their balance shifted up into the blade, their balance is very familiar to military sabreurs.



Best suited for: lONGSWORDSMEN

The Ren-saber is long, heavy, and slow, but has the best defensive capabilities of any weapon in the Lightspeed canon. As such, its techniques are the most traditional, and thus the most familiar to traditional swordsmen. However, It asks an additional challenge of its wielder: not to kill themselves with their own fiery quillons. Some classic guards must be modified in order to be functional.