Q1. Which is not a grip described as part of tri-grip theory?
Q2. Select all advantages enjoyed by tandem grip above other grips.
Q3. Which of these is not one of the main wrist orientations?
Q4. Select all standard-dominant shields.
Q5. The Ranging Principle states that:
Q6. What is wrong with this standard stance?
Q7. What is the purpose of the shuffle-style footwork in Rey-saber?
Q8. What is wrong with this (simple) lunge?
Select all terms that describe this chamber.
A guard (or chamber) is different from a shield in that...
In Image C, what kind of attack did Darth Vader use to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi?
In Image B, what type of attack is does Rey use to defeat Kylo Ren?
In Image A, which shield is Rey using to defend against the Praetorian Guard?
What is main error committed in this shield?
Shield-9 protects which target areas?
Centripetal theory is the idea that...
Deflectors differ from shields in all these ways except...
Which of these is not a principle that governs good deflection technique?
Which of the options listed below is the generally recognized correct pairing for transferring energy in a deflector?
What is the main reason the slip is considered superior to the lower shields?
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