Get fast, get fit, make friends, then slice them in half!... with Lightspeed Saber League, the world's fastest light-based fencing.

Lightspeed Southern California training is split into the technical class, and the competitive class. You can join either class regardless of experience, though the tech class is best suited for beginners. Recommended minimum age: 15 years old.

All classes include loaner safety equipment and open sparring.


The tech class is best suited to beginners, choreographists, or intermediates who want to refine their technique. It focuses on proper form, self-training sequences, and also features some light cardio and upper body endurance training. It runs for about 40 minutes.


The competition class is best suited to intermediate fencers and above, and those with at least a moderate level of fitness. It focuses on sparring, drills, and moderate to intense cardio. It runs for 40-50 minutes.

find a CLASS

Currently you can choose between Buena Park and Irvine. Click the button of the location nearest you to go to the signup page.

Boisseranc Park, Tuesdays
Tech class 6:45-7:25 PM
Comp class: 7:30-8:20 PM

OC Great Park, Thurs/Sun
Tech class: 6:45-7:25 PM
Comp class: 7:30-8:20 PM

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Recommended age: 15 years or older
If you need to borrow safety equipment, please leave your height in feet and inches. Otherwise, leave it blank.
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Buena Park available Tuesdays only. Irvine Thursdays and Sundays.
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