Get fast, get fit, make friends, then slice them in half!... with Lightspeed's FitSaber program. Designed to get your heart pumping and prepare you for sparring and competition, each class is a mix of basic body-weight exercises, technical saber training and drilling, and sparring. Every day's class is different, with new lessons, games, and warmups. Recommended age: 15 years or older.

All classes include loaner safety equipment and free-sparring periods, AND free access to any of our outdoor classes and/or practices. The formal class portion is 70 minutes long.

The academy is located at:

Momentous Sports Center
14522 Myford Rd
Irvine, CA 92606


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Group training, all levels

At this time we only offer one day a week but we will be offering more days and classes soon, ie early 2019!


Right now we’re offering a special rate of just $52 A MONTH (with a 3-month commitment) for one class per week. That’s 20% off our month-to-month rate and OVER 50% OFF a comparable traditional fencing or FMA academy (no disrespect intended to either). You’ll learn many of the same skills, and have the opportunity to be a pioneer. Light-based combat sports are growing rapidly. Be there are at the forefront, and leave your mark on this incredible new way to fight and exercise. Click a button below to enroll, or buy a class-pass. They come with 5 classes and don’t expire. Give it as a gift!


Why practice fighting with a fictional sword? Lightspeed-saber fencing isn’t just playing pretend. It was built from the very start to emphasize speed, stamina, stategy, competition, and to NOT be like any other weapon-based sport out there. Learning Lightspeed-saber fencing hones all the aforementioned skills in an exploratory and open-minded environment, where the techniques and skills haven’t all yet been discovered.

speed & power

When your sword is made of light, it can cut through anything with the lightest touch. Power is certainly a factor, but it isn’t as important as speed. At the academy, you’ll learn how to wield one, the other, or both.

timing & agility

The word “fencing” comes from the same root as “offense” and “defense.” That means it’s not enough to hit fast. You have to escape and survive as well. That requires timing and agility.

stamina & cardio

Lightspeed-sabers are essentially weightless, which significantly changes the dynamics of combat. Agility and movement are essential skills, which means stamina matters. Be ready to go the distance!

strategy & tactics

When your opponent is quicker, be quick-witted. Tactics are a basic part of instruction at the academy. We’ll teach you what to do and when to do it.


Tournaments are a regular part of Lightspeed-saber life. Put your skill and stamina to the test. Earn points on our competition ladder and win medals and prizes.


If competition isn’t your thing, you can also rank up within the organization, proving to others— but most importantly, to yourself— the progress you’ve made. We’re invested in everyone’s success.