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Adapter cuff required for use

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Our Lightspeed blade is 3/4" OD, and can be ordered as Rey-class (35-1/4" long) or Tano-class (32-1/4" long). 3/4" is the safest, fastest blade available.

You will need an adapter piece to fit a 3/4" blade into a 1" ID hilt (standard size for most hilts on the market). If you do not have one you may purchase one from Lightspeed.

Please be aware that we do not guarantee the lifespan of any of our blades. They are durable, but not designed to last as long as thicker, heavier blades, and they will break instantly if struck hard enough. Watch your power!

Note that Tano-class blades are used blades. They may not last as long as Rey-class blades.


To keep your blades lasting as long as possible, we recommend the following:

  1. All blades break eventually. But focusing on timing, technique, and strategy, rather than power and speed, will keep your blade lasting a long time.

  2. Avoid attacking with a lot of power at the hands and/or hilt. 90% of blade breaks occur while striking the hilt, which is made of sturdy aluminum.

  3. Avoid carrying or picking up your saber from the blade tip. This may stress the blade at the emitter. Always hold and carry the saber by the hilt.

  4. We recommend wrapping the tip in clear tape and refreshing that tape periodically. Tape helps prevent the tip from flying far away once it breaks.

  5. While not necessary, if you wish to clean your blade, gently rub steel wool onto it to take off dyes left from armor and padding.


Once your blade does break, it can be refreshed by flipping. Assuming the damage is not catastrophic, use the following directions:

  1. Recover the tip.

  2. Use a hammer and/or pliers to remove any extra pieces of blade attached to the tip.

  3. Debur the external edges of the broken end of the blade using a chamfer tool.

  4. Remove your adapter cuff and replace it on the broken end of the blade.

  5. If needed, debur the internal edge of the fresh side of the blade using a chamfer tool.

  6. Partially fit the recovered tip into the fresh side of the blade.

  7. Apply super glue to the neck of the tip, then quickly seat the tip fully into the blade.

  8. Apply super glue all the way around the seam between the tip and the blade.

  9. Wipe away excess glue, then leave it to dry, horizontally.

  10. Wait an appropriate amount of time for a full cure, depending on the glue you're using.


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