The Dragon’s Den of Aiken, South Carolina

was founded in the summer of 2018, started as a trial project by retired teacher Tony Negron and former student and current “Jedi”, Trey Jones, to see if there was a desire by people to learn the art of fencing but with a twist. They would use lightsabers instead of traditional weapons, like foils, or HEMA weapons, like rapiers. With a small group of former students, the group met weekly in a city park. Seeing that there was a hunger in the community for this type of sport, Aiken Saber Academy was founded, and soon approved as a Aiken City recreational program, and allowed to use a very large multipurpose room in the Odell Weeks Activity Center. In 2019, Aiken Saber Academy became affiliated with Lightspeed Saber League.

Aiken Lightsaber Club is not owned or operated by Lightspeed Saber League.


Fridays, 5:00 PM -8:30 pm
Odell Weeks Recreation Center
1700 Whisky Road
Aiken, SC 29803


If possible please provide the following details: 1. Age 2. Location 3. Fencing, martial arts, or other weapon/combat experience 4. Have your own "lightsaber"?


Negron, Tony Port01.jpg

TONY NEGRON— Co-founder, Master fencing instructor

Often known simply as “Commander” in his community of Aiken, Tony is a retired military officer and former competitive saber fencer. He holds degrees in geology, oceanography and meteorology, and national security affairs. Tony is also charter rep for The Saber Legion in South Carolina.


TREY JONES— Co-founder, Sr fencing instructor

Also known as the Lord of Memes, Trey is a cofounder of Aiken Saber Academy, and holds titles and distinctions from multiple “Jedi” orders. He is a certified “Jedi” knight and minister.