Lightspeed Saber League is Southern California's largest light-based combat/fencing organization. As an LLC, it offers competitions in Lightspeed-saber fencing, and classes. As a movement, it is made up of three core regional clubs-- known as "bases"-- spread through Los Angeles and Orange counties and run by passionate volunteers. But Lightspeed Saber League is not limited to a single state. As of the end of 2017, many more Lightspeed bases are in the works, from Oklahoma to Hawaii. Watch where we go from here!

what is lightspeed-saber fencing?

Lightspeed-saber fencing is a new form of fencing which does not use a foil, epee or saber, but instead a "Lightspeed-saber": an LED-illuminated sword equipped with a featherweight 3/4" polycarbonate blade. Lightspeed-saber fencing values both cinematic and martial authenticity, and seeks to find an ideal balance between the two, to create the perfect weapon-based sport: one that is as fun to watch as it is to fence.

is there any choreography or "style points" in Lightspeed-saber?

No, absolutely not! Lightspeed-saber fencing is a competitive sport. It is never choreographed. It is sometimes a bit "showier" than traditional combat sports but that is because of the carefully crafted rules.

is lightspeed-saber fencing primarily for kids?

No, it is not! As of the end of 2017, the median league member is 28 years old, and no one under 15 years old is allowed to participate without extra protective equipment and direct supervision.


The words "combat" and "dueling" and "fighting" are used pretty liberally, and can lead to a lot of different things, from casual sparring to live-action roleplay to choreography.  We think our commitment to safety, a competitive sports mentality, and the weight of our weapons puts us a lot closer to traditional fencing. We just want to make sure the right kind of people find us.


In many, many different ways!

  • Lightspeed-saber hilt lengths vary from six inches to almost thirteen inches long. In any given match, a fencer may use one hand, two hands, or even switch back and forth between left and right hands.

  • In Lightspeed-saber, point-attacks and point-in-line are illegal. In addition, there is no right-of-way. And, the entire body is a valid target. That includes the hilt itself.

  • Lightspeed-saber is not fenced on a strip! A regulation Lightspeed-saber piste is a 30' x 30' square.

  • Crossing over is okay! :) (you cannot leave the piste, however)


Definitely! Filipino stick-fighting is a fairly smooth transition into Lightspeed-saber, and HEMA practitioners-- and to a certain extent, kendo practitioners-- will find some familiar concepts. There also elements and techniques found ONLY in the art of the Lightspeed-saber.

How can you possibly judge 300-400 ms without electronics?

Our judges use a specially developed mental algorithm to identify the time period in their heads.