Southern California is the HOME SECTOR for Lightspeed Saber League! If you live in this area you have the choice of THREE Lightspeed bases to train at! Check the map below to find your nearest location, then click on through to go to their Facebook pages.


Once you've decided on a base, print out and sign this waiver. Hand it to your base leader when you come in.

We do ask for a monthly contribution from Southern California members. Funds go toward advertising, tournament prizes, and paying referees. They also help to offset the many, many hours per week that go into keeping the league going and growing. Click the Subscribe button to be taken to our subscription page, where you can begin paying with credit card.

If you are new and just feeling it out first, or you don't intend to come very often (not more than once a month), don't worry about it. It's on us.

Cadet level: $9/month. Basic membership. Access to any outdoor practice at any Lightspeed base, any day.

Knight level: $16/month. Full membership. Access to any outdoor OR INDOOR practice at any Lightspeed base, any day. Includes one free blade replacement and one free tip replacement per month. (Note: "blade", for membership purposes, is defined as the TUBE only, not tube and tip.)