As you can see from the base list, not every base was begun from scratch. Most were transformed from other clubs, strengthening them through a combination of expertise, resources, and passion. And now they're part of southern California's biggest light-based combat network. It is always a relationship of mutual benefit and teamwork.


Lightspeed's goal is to create the fastest, flashiest, and safest light-based combat-sport anywhere in the world, with a special focus on generating mainstream appeal. If this is not benefit enough in itself, then the Lightspeed home organization also offers generous discounts on equipment, advertising, and more.


We can't create the world's fastest, flashiest, and safest light-based combat-sport without a few safety and format requirements. See below:

  1. Safety equipment. Your club must use the prescribed safety equipment: lacrosse gloves or equivalent, fencing mask or equivalent, and our Lightspeed blade, all of which can be supplied at a discount through Lightspeed Saber League.

  2. Lightspeed format. In terms of combat, your club must train primarily in the Lightspeed format. Training briefly in another system for an upcoming non-Lightspeed competition is acceptable, but by default you should be fighting according to Lightspeed rules.

We realize that joining your group to ours is a big decision, and could require major changes to how you do things. But notice what we're not asking you to change: we're not asking you to change anything you do non-combat related. We're not asking you to quit choreography, we're not asking you to quit playing games, etc. We're not even necessarily asking you to change your name. Stay who you are. But become part of something greater.


Start by kindly filling out this form, so we can better understand what you want, and how we can help you.

City, state, and location of your club
How long has your club been around?
Please briefly describe the current rules under which you fight/fence. One-on-one only, no group-combat.
Please describe the kinds of equipment your club currently uses ie safety gear, sabers, blade weights, etc.
How often do you meet and how many attendees do you have on average?
ie founder, manager, coach, team captain
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