Lightspeed is still new, and we have significant challenges to overcome if we're to succeed at crafting it into a respected sport. That's why we need YOUR HELP to bring the future of fencing to life.

In this page, we'll put information for people who want to start their own bases, or adapt their club into a Lightspeed-allied base. Either way you will be a Lightspeed basebuilder, which grants you certain responsibilities:

  1. Acquiring and distributing the Lightspeed blade. The biggest obstacle is getting the necessary equipment out to people. We hope to be able to sell and ship the required blades out to interested clubs and individuals soon. Until then, you need to buy or build them and get them in your compatriots' hands.
  2. Training people in the use of the Lightspeed blade. The immediate reaction from most people is that the 3/4 blade is whippy or feels awkward in the hand(s). This is a natural conclusion coming from their standard practice with the 1 incher. But the 3/4 is far more versatile than the 1". Once you have shown people the great many options available to them in Lightspeed, the discomfort goes away.
  3. Training people in the methods of hand and hilt protection. Full target rules with the LIghtspeed blade can be frustrating to new users. Proper defensive training makes the format infinitely more enjoyable and ensures the equipment lasts a long time.

There's much more that needs to be done, but these are the necessary tasks at the most basic level. At a higher level of commitment, there is also location scouting, running tournaments, learning and training people in accurate refereeing, and advocating for Lightspeed as the future of lightsaber, and the future of fencing. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Step 1: join the lightspeed saber network

For now, Facebook serves as the principle forum of communication within the network. Let us know you're getting started, ask questions, share ideas, and keep us up to date on how things are going.

Step 2: acquire or build lightspeed blades

If you just want to buy them, they are currently available from The Custom Saber Shop. See our Equipment section for more info. Or better yet, save some cash and buy the components and build them out yourself. This should cost you about $10. See our building page for instructions.

We can't ship out anything yet but we hope to have the capability soon! If you're in the Southern Cailfornia area though, we can arrange a pickup. Contact us.

Step 3: Learn the lightspeed way

This means familiarizing yourself with the Lightspeed blade, and getting used to protecting your hands and hilt if you haven't been already. The best way to do this if you're not in Southern California is subscribe to our YouTube channel where we'll be putting instructional videos which include data on technique and useful drills. Follow the Basebuilders playlist to make sure you'll always see the necessary videos as they come.

(We're still populating the playlist with videos. Please be patient.)

Step 4: train others

The Lightspeed format is frustrating if you do not know how to operate within it, since it is slightly non-intuitive. Your base will depend on you to guide it in the correct application of the rules and the weapon.